Rally Of Brij Bhushan | Brijbhushan’s mega rally today, there will be an attempt to show strength, will BJP leaders be involved?

File Pic New Delhi. Where on one hand the dispute between former President of Indian Wrestling Federation Brijbhushan Sharan (Brijbhushan sINGH) and wrestlers is currently going on. Now every day new revelations are happening in this matter. One more where by June 15, assurance has been given to the wrestlers by the Government of India to take appropriate action by presenting the charge sheet in the related case. On the other hand, BJP MP Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh, accused of sexual exploitation, has a rally in his constituency today. Today is a big rally, information about this has been given by Brij Bhushan on the social media platform. They have organized a rally at Raghuraj Sharan Singh Degree College located in Balapur area of ​​Gonda. Actually this degree college is run by Brij Bhushan only. Because of this, the situation seems to be getting clear regarding the rally. In this Maharally, they can show their power. Will BJP leaders participate in this rally, although earlier a rally was called by Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh in Ayodhya on 5th June. Saints of Ayodhya were invited in this rally. Anyway, Brij Bhushan is known for his aggressive style and Hindutva image. However, he did not get permission for his rally in Ayodhya. At that time the performance of wrestlers was also on the rise. In such a situation, BJP was also seen avoiding this rally. While the wrestlers are receiving threats, Bajrang Punia has said that he is hopeful that Brij Bhushan’s arrest is possible by June 15. But if this does not happen, then on 16th or 17th June they will agitate again with all the organizations by giving a big call. On the other hand, Sakshi Malik also made a big disclosure and told that, “The wrestlers are constantly receiving threatening calls. Bajrang has been called and told that he should be sold or broken. That being said, compromise. Otherwise the whole career will be over. Now we will play the Asian Games only when this whole issue is resolved.

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