Nitish Rana | Cricketer Nitish Rana’s wife was chased by two youths, the car also collided, know what is the whole matter

New Delhi: A case of stalking of cricketer Nitish Rana’s wife by two youths has come to light. These days big news is coming about the wife of KKR captain Nitish Rana who is busy playing IPL. The news from Delhi is not good for him, according to which his wife Sanchi Marwah has faced fear. Fear is seen hovering over them. Sanchi Marwah in her Instagram story has told about the recent incident that happened with her. Along with this, he also told that when he complained about that incident to the Delhi Police, what did he get to hear from his side? Please tell that the incident happened with Sanchi Marwah, the wife of KKR team captain, when she was on her way home. According to the information, the incident is of Delhi’s Kirti Nagar, where two unknown boys started chasing their car. Not only this, he also hit his car. After which she was completely scared. Just saw Nitish Rana’s wife’s Instagram stories (Saachi Marwah). Two men hit her car and followed her and Delhi police told her to leave it since they left??? This is so unacceptable! — PS ⚡️ (@Neelaasapphire) May 5, 2023 When Sanchi Marwah complained to the Delhi Police about the incident that happened to her, they asked her to forget it, saying that she had reached home safely. Are. Along with this, the police also gave this advice that next time note down the number of the vehicle.

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