Lionel Messi | Police detained Lionel Messi at China airport, due to this a ruckus arose, watch video

New Delhi: One of the world’s greatest footballers, Lionel Messi was detained by the police at Beijing airport in China. A video of this incident is also going viral on social media. In this video, Messi is seen surrounded by Chinese policemen. In fact, on June 15, Argentina will face Australia in an international friendly match at the Workers’ Stadium in Beijing. That’s why the Argentine team reached China on 10 June. Meanwhile, Messi was detained by the police at Beijing airport. Read this also The reason why the police caught, according to the information received, happened because of Lionel Messi’s passport. Messi holds both Argentine and Spanish passports. However, he used a Spanish passport instead of an Argentine passport when coming to China. Messi’s Spanish passport did not have a Chinese visa. Because of this, the police stopped Messi at the Beijing airport. There’s was passport issue with Messi’s arrival to China causing delay but look at De Paul continuing to body guard Messi, we all need a friend like that, don’t we? Video🎥 Via @nextonemaybe — FCB Albiceleste (@FCBAlbiceleste) June 10, 2023 Messi had to stay at the airport According to media reports, Messi had to stay at the airport for some time because of bringing Spain’s passport instead of Argentina Had to stop. However, the problem got resolved after about half an hour. Messi was given an entry visa. After this, Messi was able to get out of the airport. Be aware that there is no visa-free entry to China on a Spanish passport. However, entry is available in Taiwan without a visa. According to media reports, after arriving at the Beijing airport, Lionel Messi and the guards at the airport initially had problems due to the language. However, later this problem was resolved.

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