Kohli-Gambhir Spat Video | LSG vs RCB: Gambhir-Kohli got entangled again, pulled hands and reached scuffle, 100% match fee deducted, watch video

Pic: Social Media New Delhi. Once again there was a ruckus in IPL. Yes, on the night of May 1 last, when many of you and many of us were sleeping sweetly, then the two big heroes of Indian cricket had made full preparations to give you some exciting news early in the morning. Hey friends, the 10 year old ‘khunnas’ between Virat Kohli and Gautam Gambhir has been seen for the second time in this season. In fact, the hosts Lucknow Super Giants were defeated by Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) in a low-scoring match at the Ekana Stadium. During this match, Virat Kohli was seen in his aggression avatar several times. Here he had a minor altercation with several players, which turned into a dirty fight by the end of the match. #ViratKohli This is the moment when whole fight started between Virat Kohli and LSG Gautam GambhirAmit MishraNaveen ul haq#LSGvsRCB pic.twitter.com/hkId1J33vY — Mehulsinh Vaghela (@LoneWarrior1109) May 1, 2023 Beat Super Giants by 18 runs. This dispute started between the players of both the teams just after the match was over. It ends with a fight between Virat and Gambhir. Although it is beyond understanding among all of them, why action has not been taken against Afghanistan’s bowler Naveen-ul-Haq during this episode. Actually Naveen is the person because of whom this whole controversy started. While shaking hands, he got entangled with Virat. After which this dispute went on increasing. The controversy started here Actually this controversy started during the tradition of shaking hands between Virat Kohli and Naveen-ul-Haq after the match. The Afghanistan bowler must have said something to Virat, which turned into a fight. At that time the matter became quiet. But after some time Lucknow Super Giants opener Kyle Mayers was seen walking with Virat. When the dispute between Virat and Meyers also increased, then Gautam Gambhir also reached there. He took his batter from there holding his hand. Later, Virat and Gambhir were seen at loggerheads once again. Rohit Sharma is my favorite batsman and Jasprit Bumrah is my favorite Indian bowler. – Naveen Ul Haq in Times Now (2021) And today Naveen punched Virat Kohli infront of entire crowd, infront of Kohli’s wife and family. Well punched Naveen !pic.twitter.com/MZTrx4vsxD — HYDROGEN (@Hydrogen_45) May 1, 2023 , 2023 Everything after handshake here:Virat Kohli vs Gautam Gambhir BIGGEST RIVALRY IN CRICKET Entertainment into 100#RCBVSLSG #ViratKohli pic.twitter.com/8SxxSKRByn — aqqu who (@aq30__) May 1, 2023 Action has now been taken on behalf of the BCCI in the matter of the post-match brawl at the Atal Bihari Vajpayee Stadium. 100 percent match fees of both the veterans have been deducted. Both have been found guilty of breaching Level 2.21 of the IPL Code of Conduct. Virat and Gambhir have also accepted their crime. Not only this, Kyle Meyers has also not been spared from this. He will have to pay 50% of his match fee as compensation for his mistake. All Videos: Twitter/Social Media

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