ICC ODI World Cup 2023 | Pakistan also got a big blow from BCCI, rejected this demand of Pakistan for ODI World Cup 2023.

File photo There was an appeal from the PCB to change the venue of the ICC ODI World Cup, 2023 matches. The Pakistan Cricket Board had demanded to change some of the March venues. BCCI has rejected this demand of Pakistan Cricket Board. According to a sports news agency, the Pakistan Cricket Board had appealed to change the venues of Pakistan’s matches in the ICC ODI World Cup, 2023, to be hosted by India in the month of October-November. However, the ICC has turned down this demand. BCCI has also refused this demand. Significantly, this proposal from Pakistan was not accepted by BCCI and ICC on Tuesday, June 20 and PCB has been informed about it. There was a demand from Pakistan to change the venue of the ICC ODI World Cup, 2023 matches to be played in Chennai and Bengaluru. Pakistan vs Afghanistan in Chennai and Australia vs Pakistan matches are to be played in Bengaluru. Also read Let us tell you that the host country has the right to choose the venue in the ICC World Cup tournament and in this case the BCCI has the right. It has been clearly stated by the BCCI that at this point of time there is no reason to change the venue. Pakistan has been slapped due to the rejection of the demand from BCCI. Significantly, the host country has the right to change the venue in ICC events. Along with this, ICC approval is also mandatory. The venue is subject to change due to security reasons. If the ground where the matches are to be played is not suitable from the point of view of security, then the venues of the matches can be changed after examining those conditions. There is no such thing in the venues that Pakistan had talked about. Remind you that in the year 2016, the venue of the IND vs PAK match was changed in the ICC T20 World Cup. This match was to be played in Dharamshala. But, later it was played in Kolkata. Vinay Kumar

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