Yemen Stampede Video | Yemen: Stampede to collect zakat in Ramadan, 85 killed, more than 300 injured

Pic: ANI Sana. At least 85 people were killed and more than 300 injured in a stampede at an event organized to distribute financial aid or ‘Zakat’ in Yemen’s capital Sanaa late on Wednesday night. Have become. An official of Huthi gave this information. According to the Houthi-run Interior Ministry, hundreds of poor people gathered at an event organized by merchants in the Old City when suddenly a stampede broke out. The ministry’s spokesman, Brigadier Abdel-Khaliq al-Aghari, alleged that the event to distribute the money was organized without coordination with local authorities. According to Houthi TV channel Al-Masirah, a large number of injured people have been admitted to nearby hospitals. A senior health official, Motahar al-Marouni, said 85 people were killed and at least 13 of the wounded were seriously injured. Houthi rebels immediately surrounded the school where the event was held. Common people including journalists are not being allowed to go there. According to the Houthi-run Interior Ministry, two organizers have been detained so far in this regard and the matter is under investigation. What is Zakat? New view of #अद्या_अल्मसिरा that took place in front of the center of distribution of aid to a limited number of traders in the capital #صناعاء#شاهد_المسيرة — شاهد المسيرة (@ShahidAlmasirah) April 20, 2023 Courtsey: @ShahidAlmasirah Be aware that Zakat is actually a Kind of charitable donation. It is obligatory for every able-bodied Muslim to distribute 2.5% of his accumulated wealth as Zakat to the poor every year. On the other hand, the news agency Reuters, quoting two eyewitnesses involved in the rescue effort, told that hundreds of people had gathered in a school for this zakat. Here every person was going to get 5,000 Yemeni Riyal or say in Indian currency, about 1500 rupees. However, the interior ministry in a separate statement also said that two businessmen responsible for organizing the zakat event have been detained and the matter is under intense investigation.

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