World No Tobacco Day | Today is World No Tobacco Day, why celebrate this day, know its importance and history

Seema Kumari New Delhi: ‘World No Tobacco Day’ is celebrated every year on 31 May. The purpose of which is to tell and make people aware about the dangers of tobacco. So that they can avoid it themselves as well as stop other people from it. We are all aware that tobacco causes a lot of damage to health. But do you know that every year more than 8 million people die worldwide due to the consumption of tobacco. Apart from the human cost, tobacco consumption also damages the environment. Tobacco consumption is one of the factors believed to adversely affect efforts to achieve the Sustainable Development Agenda adopted by the United Nations by 2030, which aims to bring tobacco-related deaths to an end by that time. To reduce by one-third. Let’s know ‘World No Tobacco Day’ History, Importance and Theme History Millions of people are dying due to consumption of tobacco in the world. In view of the death due to the consumption of tobacco (bidi, cigarette, gutkha etc.) in the world, the World Health Organization had announced to celebrate World No Tobacco Day in 1987. However, for the first time this day was celebrated on 7th April. But after that its proposal was passed on 31 May 1988, after that World No Tobacco Day was celebrated every year on 31 May. Significance The main purpose of celebrating ‘World No Tobacco Day’ is to spread awareness among people about the dangers of tobacco and its negative effects on health. Not only this, but also to reduce the diseases and deaths caused by nicotine business and tobacco consumption. Also read What is the theme of this time ‘World No Tobacco Day’ on 31st May. This year its theme is “We need food, not tobacco”. Over the years, World No Tobacco Day has focused on a number of topics. These include tobacco advertising, second hand smoke, tobacco taxation, tobacco industry intervention, tobacco packaging and youth prevention.

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