World Laughter Day 2023 | Laughter is very important for a happy life, today is World Laughter Day, read some jokes here and laugh heartily

Seema Kumari New Delhi: Today, May 07, ‘World Laughter Day’ or ‘World Laughter Day’ (World Laughter Day 2023) is being celebrated all over the world. This day is celebrated every year on the first Sunday of May. The purpose of this day is that we should never forget to laugh and laugh to stay healthy and live a happy life, World Laughter Day also indicates that today it may have joined hands with yoga and medicine, but its Importance will always remain in our life. Then no matter what the method of adoption is. Everyone knows that laughing is considered very important for health. Along with keeping the mind happy, the smile on the face also removes negativity. In such a situation, we have brought some such jokes for you, after reading which you will be seen laughing. So let’s know, let’s start late – 1. Wife’s beautiful friend had come home. The husband was also sitting there gazing at her. After some time, when the pressure cooker whistles for 10 whistles, husband – look in the kitchen, the lentils will burn. Wife said – let it burn, but I will not let your pulses melt. 2. Doctor – For whom are the glasses to be made? Pappu – For the teacher. Doctor – But why? Pappu – because they always see me as a donkey 3. Once a king released all the prisoners in happiness, among those prisoners the king saw a prisoner who was very old King – how long have you been in prison? Elder – From the time of your father… After hearing this, tears came in the eyes of the king and said – Imprison him again, this is the sign of father! 4. Teacher- Titu why do you come to college? Sonu- Sir, for Vidya. Teacher – Then why are you sleeping in the class? Sonu- Sir, Vidya did not come today, that’s why.. 5. Judge: Being the master of the house, how did you steal? Thief: Sir, your job is good, and salary is also good, then what will you do after learning all this?

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