World Cocktail Day 2023 | Today is May 13, World Cocktail Day, know why this special day is celebrated

Seema Kumari New Delhi: ‘World Cocktail Day’ is celebrated every year on 13th May. It is an international festival dedicated to the art of cocktails around the world. On this day, the best bartenders making cocktails celebrate this occasion enthusiastically in restaurants and bars. The purpose of World Cocktail Day is to spread awareness among people about the art of making and consuming cocktails. Cocktail making competitions, seminars, art lectures, tastings and free museum tours are organized on this day. The festival also provides an opportunity to learn different methods of making cocktails. Bartenders and cocktail artists are also honored on this day. There is also a special cocktail celebration for women on this day, in which female bartenders and culinary artists are felicitated. Also read On the occasion of World Cocktail Day, people gather with their friends and family to enjoy their favorite cocktail. Bars and restaurants offer their special cocktail menu on this day. Some people host parties at their homes, where they enjoy their spare time making their favorite cocktails. On World Cocktail Day, some bartenders teach people the art of making cocktails and educate them about the techniques and ingredients involved in making cocktails. Some people visit bars on World Cocktail Day, where they get a chance to enjoy different types of cocktails and their ingredients. World Cocktail Day is considered as an independent business, which aims to provide people a new chance for their recreation and entertainment.

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