Viral Breast Milk Coffee | A cafe that will sell coffee made from ‘breast milk’ will cost ‘so much’, people are furious on social media after watching the video

New Delhi: Often we have heard that mother’s milk is very beneficial for the health of a newborn child, but have you ever heard that coffee made from breast milk is sold in a cafe? No yes But recently a similar news has created a sensation on social media. Yes, a Russian cafe is ready to serve coffee made from Breast Milk Coffee and because of this, this coffee is getting criticized a lot on Russian social media. Let’s know what is the whole matter… Coffee made from breast milk! According to the information received, there is a cafe in Perm city (Perm, Russia) in Russia named Coffee Smile. Let us tell you that this cafe is very much discussed these days. Coffee Smile will soon start serving coffee made from breast milk, reports Audity Central news website. In this, Cappuccino and Latte will be made from human breast milk. In the beginning of this month, the cafe started pasting the advertisement of this coffee on the streets, after which there was an uproar. People started sharing photos of the advertisement on social media Shocking claim in the video… Actually Maxim Kobyliev, the owner of Coffee Smile, had released a promotional video claiming that breast milk would be added to his cafe’s coffee. This breast milk will be stored in pharmacy grade bags. Please tell that in the video he released, a woman told that she is a hairstylist and a mother. After having a child, she was not able to work much. Then she thought to earn extra money from breast milk. She told that she also makes coffee for her husband with breast milk. Seeing this video, there was a sensation on social media. Also read How much will the coffee cost? Not only this, but for the safety of the customers, Maxim also talked about testing breast milk before adding it so that it is safe for coffee. Giving information about this, he told that in the beginning the drink will be made by mixing 40-45 doses of breast milk. Going forward, a target has been set to make 1000 products. Please inform that the price of this coffee has been kept at Rs.650. By the way, this price is not much because in many big coffee shops, mango milk coffee is also available for this much rupees. In such a situation, now it has to be seen who buys this coffee. The owner turned back after the sensation Let us tell you that when a rebellion started in the country over this coffee and people asked the country’s Food Safety Authority to intervene, Maxim turned back. He said that he is not making any such product and this ad was just a lie spread to promote him. Right now this coffee is being discussed a lot.

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