Titanic Submarine | All 5 tourists died with the desire to see the wreckage of Titanic, were missing for the last 5 days, US Coast Guard confirmed

New Delhi. The submarine ‘Titan’, which was carrying people to see the wreckage of Titanic immersed in the depths of the Atlantic Ocean, was missing since last Sunday. The news of the death of five missing tourists who went to see the Titanic ship by the same submarine has now come to the fore. Along with the death of five missing tourists, according to the information received from the media report, on June 18 i.e. Sunday, five people went on this exciting journey by boarding the submarine of Oceangate Company. But the contact of this submarine was broken from the surface only 2 hours after the start of the journey. While it has been confirmed by the submarine operating company OceanGate and the US Coast Guard that these five tourists have died. Let us inform that all the five people aboard the Titan submarine, the victims of the accident, were well-known billionaires. This included Oceangate CEO Stockton Rush, Prince Dawood and his son Suleiman Dawood, Hamish Harding, and Paul-Henri Nargiolet. Oceangate Expeditions said in a statement that these men were true explorers, with a deep passion for adventure and exploration of the world’s oceans. Our thoughts are with the five departed souls and their family members at this sad time. Questions were raised regarding the safety of ‘Titan’, reports were coming from all over the world that now there is no oxygen left in the submarine for long. If the search team had found the submarine before the oxygen ran out, the lives of these five passengers could have been saved, while many questions have arisen regarding its safety. At the same time, court documents from 2018 showed that the company OceanGate was also warned about its safety. According to Oceangate’s website, the company is operating the journey to the Titanic wreck from the year 2021, its cost is $ 250,000 per person. The wreckage of this submarine was found near Titanic, while according to media reports, a search operation was being conducted in the North Atlantic Ocean to find the missing submarine including five people. During that time, experts had informed that there is only four days of oxygen left in the submarine. However, the search team found the wreckage of this submarine near Titanic itself. On the matter, the US Coast Guard said on Thursday that there was a catastrophic explosion in the submarine carrying 5 people to see the centuries-old wreck of the Titanic, after which its wreckage was found. At the same time, after the explosion, all the people aboard have died.

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