Titan Submarine | ‘Submersible’ search operation: Some sounds were heard underwater, 30 hours of oxygen left, Titan submarine missing for 48 hours

Photo: Twitter New Delhi: The Titan submarine, which was carrying people to see the wreckage of the Titanic ship near Newfoundland, Canada, has been missing since Sunday afternoon. The submarine, operated by the company Oceangate Expeditions, went undersea to view the wreckage, but lost contact after about an hour and a half. According to BBC news, the submarine now has less than 30 hours of oxygen left. The US Coast Guard said that the submarine is likely to run out of oxygen by Thursday morning. The US Coast Guard said Canadian aircraft detected underwater noises near the wreckage of the Titanic in a remote area of ​​the Atlantic Ocean while searching for a missing submarine. According to CNN, they were recorded near the same spot where the Titanic wreckage is located. The voices were recorded at intervals of about 30 minutes. Then after 4 hours the sonar again detected them. There are five people aboard this missing ‘submersible’ named Titan. The men were on an expedition to document the wreck of the Titanic that sank more than a century ago. According to the US Coast Guard, the search operation was moved after a Canadian P-3 aircraft detected the sound. Has been done. Rescue workers have not found anything yet but the search operation is on. Rescuers are carrying out rapid operations as the ship is expected to run out of oxygen by Thursday morning. Also read 3 C-130 Hercules aircraft from the US and Canada have been sent along with underwater robots to locate the submarine. Apart from this, a P-8 aircraft and 2 Canadian surface ships are also involved in the search operation. On it, apart from its driver, is Hamish Harding, a famous British adventurer who helped bring the cheetah to India. Apart from this, French diver Paul-Henri, Pakistani-British businessman Prince Dawood, his son Suleman and CEO of Oceangate Company Stockton Rush are present in the submarine. A spokesman for the US Air Mobility Command said three US military C-17 transport aircraft have been deployed to help move the commercial submarine and support equipment from Buffalo, New York, St John’s and Newfoundland. According to the Canadian military, it provided a patrol aircraft and two ships, one of which specializes in ‘diving medicine’. He also sent out a ‘sonar plow’ to listen for any sound from Titan. This is the whole matter It is noteworthy that, on Sunday, a tourist submarine ‘Titan’ went missing in the Atlantic Ocean. According to the news of The Guardian, on the afternoon of June 8, the submarine disappeared from the radar 1 hour and 45 minutes after landing in the water. When the submersible was released into the sea at 6 a.m. on Sunday, it had a 96-hour supply of oxygen, according to Oceangate consultant David Concannon. (with language input)

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