Taliban Ban | Tughlaqi decree issued by Talibani government, now ban on beauty parlor

Pic: Social Media New Delhi. According to a strange news received from Afghanistan, the Taliban, the terrorist organization that captured the government here, has now issued a strange order to close all the beauty parlors in the country. Not only this, women running beauty parlors here have been given only 30 days time to close the shop. However, the reason for this ban has not been given. It should be known that, on August 15, 2021, the terrorist organization Taliban had re-captured entire Afghanistan along with Kabul. Since then, he had also taken away all the rights related to education and jobs of girls and women. Mohammad Sidiq Akif Mahazar, a spokesman for the Taliban-ruled government, however, did not give further details of the ban. He only told a letter viral on social media regarding this ban as absolutely true, which made it clear that now beauty salons have also been banned in Afghanistan. Significantly, a few days ago the Taliban had said that their government has taken many necessary steps for the betterment of the lives of women in Afghanistan, but they have now been exposed by this order.

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