Sudan Conflict | Death toll rises to over 400 amid conflict in Sudan

AP/PTI Photo Khartoum. Shelling and heavy shelling continued in parts of the country’s capital Khartoum on Saturday despite a ceasefire between Sudan’s two top generals. This information was given by the residents of this place. Hundreds of people have been killed and thousands have to flee for their lives in the power struggle between the country’s two generals. According to the Sudan Doctors Syndicate, which monitors the death toll, the number of civilian casualties rose to 411 on Saturday. The group said another 2,023 civilians have been injured in the clashes so far. Violence has killed 89 people in the city of Jena, the provincial capital of conflict-torn West Darfur. A power struggle between Sudan’s military, led by General Abdul-Fattah Burhan, and the Rapid Support Force, led by General Mohamed Hamdan Daglo, has dented Sudan’s hopes of becoming a democratic country. A group of East African countries has initiated talks between the two sides and a group of mediators is promoting the plan, which includes the African Union, the US, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and the United Nations. Other countries continued to evacuate their diplomatic staff and citizens while thousands of Sudanese fled across the border. Britain said it was ending its evacuation flights on Saturday. The United Nations said more than 50,000 refugees have crossed the western border into Chad, Egypt, South Sudan and the Central African Republic, raising fears of wider instability. The United Nations said most of them were women and children. Residents said fighting continued on Saturday around the presidential palace, the headquarters of the state broadcaster and a military base in Khartoum, despite a ceasefire extended by 72 hours from Friday under international pressure. Also read Residents said some shops were reopening in some areas near the capital as the level of fighting during the ceasefire eased. However, in other areas residents who took shelter in their homes during nearby explosions said the fighters were going from house to house, threatening people and stealing whatever they could find. As the conflict enters its third week, areas of Khartoum are without electricity and water. According to the Sudanese Ministry of Health, the total death toll has risen to 528, while 4,500 have been injured. UN relief coordinator Marty Graffiths said UN offices in Khartoum as well as Darfur’s cities of Jinnah and Nayla were attacked and looted. This is unacceptable and prohibited under international law, he said. (agency)

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