sex tournament | Now ‘Sex’ will be for ‘Jitne’ for fun, tournament will start soon in ‘this’ country, know the rules

Symbolic picture Stockholm / New Delhi: Many strange news keep coming out from the country and the world. But recently the news coming out from Sweden is really going to surprise everyone. While talking about sex openly is not allowed in many countries, Sweden has become the first country to register sex as a sport. Yes Sweden is going to organize Sex Tournament. The Swedish Sex Federation will host the first European Sex Championships from 8 June. ‘Have to compete for so many hours every day’ The tournament, organized by the Swedish Sex Federation, will run for several weeks. Also, the participants involved in this will have to compete for 6 hours every day. According to reports, the participants in this championship will have 45 minutes to an hour to attend their matches or activities. Read this also How will the winner be chosen? So far 20 people from different countries have applied to participate in this tournament. In this tournament, the winner will be declared only on the basis of three jury and audience ratings. In each subject, participants can score between 5 to 10 marks. The contestants involved in this game will compete in 16 disciplines. It includes many things from seduction to body massage. ‘Sexual orientation can play a strategic role’ It is noteworthy that this European sex championship gives importance to diversity. Also, it gives any gender the right to participate in this championship. The organizers of this championship have stressed that sexual orientation can play a strategic role in this sport. Organizers hope it will be adopted by other European countries in the future. “Sexual orientation as part of sports strategy will be an important development among European countries,” said the organizer of this championship. Dragon Bratic, president of the Swedish Federation of Sex, said recognition of sex as a sport was essential. He highlighted the possibility of improving physical and mental health through sexual activity. Bratić explained to the media – Like any other sport, winning at sex requires training. So, it is logical for people to have competition in this domain as well.” Know what is sexual orientation? Talking about sexual orientation, different people can feel different sexual orientation. Like attraction towards opposite sex. At the same time, attraction towards the straight gender or attraction towards both. Apart from this, there are many types of sexual orientation. But even today, a large number of people in the world see straight ie people who are attracted to the opposite gender as normal.

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