Saurabh Phadke | Pune-born architect invited for Maharaj Charles’s coronation still can’t believe it

London: Pune-born architect and teacher Saurabh Phadke is among a select group of people associated with charity work who have been invited to the coronation ceremony of King Charles III. Phadke said that he is still unable to believe the news. Phadke (38) was chosen to attend the coronation ceremony for his association with and success in the work being done by the foundation set up by Charles. Charles started this foundation when he was the ‘Prince of Wales’. Originally trained as an architect, Phadke joined the Foundation’s Traditional Building Skills Program and expanded his skills by training as a craftsman. Phadke’s skills came to the fore during the skills program when he spent four months at Dumfries House in Ayrshire, the Scottish headquarters of the Prince’s Foundation, and he and his fellow students built a new education pavilion there. Also Read When Phadke was asked about the royal invitation he received for Westminster Abbey on Saturday, he said, “I am still trying to digest it and I don’t know what to expect because I have never been there before.” Didn’t go to the coronation. I have a feeling that I am getting closer to it. Phadke also received the Albukhari Foundation Scholarship to pursue his Masters at the Prince Foundation School of Traditional Arts. Phadke now works as a tutor in the same school. After teaching and building schools in different places in India, Phadke moved to the UK a few years back. When Phadke’s wife Persis got a scholarship to pursue a PhD in Geography at King’s College, London, he also moved to Britain with her. (agency)

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