Russia Ukraine War | Russia-Ukraine War: Drone Attack on 2 Buildings in Moscow, Mayor Confirms the Attack

Pic: Social Media New Delhi. According to the big news coming on the Russia-Ukraine War, here Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin informed about a drone attack on the Russian capital on Tuesday morning. Sobyanin said in a post on Telegram that the attack caused “minor damage” to several buildings but that “no one was seriously injured.” However, he did not specify what it meant. He said people living in two buildings that were damaged in the attack have been evacuated. In fact, a drone attack has been carried out on two buildings in Moscow, the capital of Russia. At the same time, after this attack, the citizens living in both the buildings have been removed from there for the time being. Mayor Sergei Sobyanin has also confirmed this. There is no news of anyone being injured in the attack so far. At the same time, it is being told on many telegram channels in Russia that 4-10 drones have been shot down here on Tuesday morning.

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