Russia Ukraine War | Putin’s biggest strength now became his trouble, threat of coup, Wagner Group’s rebellion against Russia, high-alert in Moscow

New Delhi. Where on one side the Russia-Ukraine war does not seem to be ending. On the other hand, today i.e. on Saturday, Yevgeny Prigogine, the head of Wagner Group, has made a serious allegation of coup attempt. Not only this, Moscow is now on high-alert regarding the Wagner Group’s attack on the Russian army. At present, the highway coming to Moscow has been closed. At the same time, Wagner claims that he has shot down two helicopters so far. The danger of a coup looms large in Russia, while Wagner Group’s head Prigogine has claimed that his fighters have entered the Russian border and have also shot down a helicopter of the Russian army. At the same time, all the details related to the developments are being briefed to President Putin. Somewhere the Russian President was sitting with the hope of victory in Ukraine. But now there is a danger of a coup. Here tanks have been deployed to protect the Kremlin. The streets of Moscow are littered with tanks and armored vehicles. Putin probably now feels that Russia’s private army can be the reason for his coup. SOURCE: The CIA convinced Yevgeny Prigozhin that Putin planned to arrest him. Promising support if Wagner topples Putin, the CIA is actively feeding Prigozhin real-time intel. — @amuse (@amuse) June 24, 2023 Wagner’s big claims Along with this, according to the media channel Al-Jazeera, Wagner claims that his army has carried out raids at several places in the city of Rostov. captured. Prigogine says that now whoever comes in his way will be destroyed. Here the mayor of Rostov has appealed to the people to stay indoors. What is the reason for Wagner’s rebellion Actually according to the information received, Prigozhin had blamed the Kremlin for the missile attack on the Wagner training camp in Ukraine. Many of his Wagner fighters were killed in this attack. After this, Russia started taking action against Prigogine by accusing him of rebellion. After this, he has vowed to destroy Moscow. If seen, the Wagner Group was once Putin’s biggest force. But this power of Putin has become a problem for him today. According to the information, the Wagner Group has now joined the Ukrainian Army. After which he has started a rebellion against Russia. Now Wagner Chief has clearly said that he will enter Moscow as well and will not spare anyone who tries to stop us. Overall, this war seems to be becoming difficult for Putin at the moment.

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