Russia Coup | Relief to Putin from the ‘coup’! Agreement signed with Wagner Group, Zelensky said – Russian President hiding out of fear

Pic: Social Media New Delhi. While on the one hand, during the Russia-Ukraine War, there was a sudden threat of civil war and coup over Russia. At the same time, after about 12 hours of upheaval, an agreement has now been reached between the Wagner Group and the Russian government. Now after this agreement, the fighters of Wagner Group have started returning to Ukraine. Yes, according to the news received, Yevgeny Prigogine, Chief of the Wagner Army, has stopped his march towards Russia’s capital Moscow for the time being. According to Russia 24 news channel, Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko spoke to the Chief of the Wagner Army. AGREEMENT BETWEEN WAGNER ARMY-RUSSIA It was Alexander who proposed to Prigogine to stop the fighters moving towards Moscow, which was finally accepted by Wagner Army Chief. He issued an audio message and informed about it. In this regard, according to the news agency ANI, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry S. Peskov had said on Saturday itself that no case would be prosecuted against the rebel Wagner Army. Zelensky- Putin hiding out of fear Amidst the continuing tension in Russia, Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky has given a big statement. He said that Russian President Putin himself has created this threat. He said that Putin is not in Moscow. According to him, Ukraine’s victory in the war against Russia is certain. According to him, Putin has hid somewhere due to fear or has left. On the other hand, according to the report of the news agency Interfax, the reopening of the roads in the southern Russian city of Rostov started late last Saturday. Now Wagner fighters have even started evacuating the military headquarters in Rostov. Be aware that it was captured by Wagner’s army. According to the information received there, Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko has a big hand behind the Russia-Wagner agreement. It is also reported that the draft agreement with Wagner has been prepared. Now there is a verbal agreement between Prigogine and the Russian government. After this, Wagner’s men return to the field. Emergency in Moscow at the moment Here in Russia after Wagner’s rebellion, the situation has become much worse here. A state of emergency is currently in force in Moscow. Along with this, the people there have been advised to stay in their homes. Along with this, the coming Monday has been declared a ‘non-working day’ in Moscow.

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