PTI Ban | Pakistan: Former PM Imran Khan’s party PTI may be banned

File Pic New Delhi. According to the big news coming from Pakistan, Defense Minister Khwaja Asif has now clearly said that the Shahbaz government is considering banning Imran Khan’s party PTI for the events of May 9. Along with this, he also said that no decision has been taken on this at the moment, but a review is definitely going on. Significantly, after the arrest of Imran on May 9, a large number of activists and supporters are facing action after violent protests across the country. It should also be known that the unruly protesters provoked by the arrest of Imran had damaged military establishments on a large scale, for which the government and the army had warned of strict action. Because of this, there are speculations that Imran’s party is now facing the threat of a possible ban. Be aware that Pakistan’s Home Minister Rana Sanaullah had earlier called for a ban on PTI. However, in the ruling coalition of 13 parties, many leaders, including Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, opposed the banning of the party.

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