PM Modi US Visit | Strong people here are the real engine of Indo-US relations, PM Modi spoke to Joe Biden in the White House

AP/PTI Photo Washington. Prime Minister Narendra Modi met President Joe Biden at the White House for high-level talks with an aim to discuss regional and global issues of common interest. It aims to further accelerate Indo-US strategic ties, including in defence, space, clean energy and critical technology. Modi and Biden had a face-to-face meeting in the Oval Office of the White House. This will be followed by delegation level talks. This was the second communication between the two leaders within 24 hours. In his opening address during the meeting, Prime Minister Modi thanked President Biden for welcoming him and his delegation. The PM said, “I thank you for the warmth with which you have welcomed me and my delegation. I especially thank you for opening the White House to the Indian community today. #WATCH | PM Narendra Modi and US President Joe Biden make opening statements ahead of holding bilateral talks, in the White House — ANI (@ANI) June 22, 2023 And whenever you got the opportunity you have always given strength to Indo-US relations. I remember 8 years ago you had an important talk at the US-India Business Council. You said that ‘we aim to be India’s best friend’. These words of yours are echoing even today. PM Modi said, “Whenever talks are held between two countries, it is often a formal joint statement, a working group and usually on the same scope. This has its own importance but the real engine of Indo-US relations is our strong people-to-people ties. We heard the loud roar of this engine outside the White House.” He said, “In today’s rapidly changing global situation, everyone’s eyes are on India and America, the two largest democracies of the world. I believe that our strategic partnership is very important for the welfare of mankind, global peace and stability, all the forces that believe in democratic values. “From the heights of space to the depths of the ocean, from ancient civilization to artificial intelligence, we are working shoulder to shoulder in every field because of your personal commitment to ties with both the countries,” PM Modi said. He said that whenever relations between two countries are talked about from a diplomatic point of view, it is often in the realm of joint statements, working groups, memorandums of understanding, it also has its own importance.” Earlier, the official reception of Prime Minister Narendra Modi A large number of expatriate Indians had gathered on the ‘South Lawn’ of the White House amidst drizzle to witness the ceremony. Vice President Kamala Harris and her husband Douglas Emhoff were present at the reception in the White House atrium. A large number of people from the Indian community were present at the reception and they were raising slogans of ‘America, America’ and ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’. Addressing the reception, Prime Minister Modi said that he would soon hold a meeting with President Biden in which regional and global issues would be discussed. Also read He said, “I am sure that our talks will be positive.” Modi said that both the countries will work for global good, peace, stability and the relations between the two countries will touch new heights. At the same time, US President Joe Biden said that the relationship between India and America is the most important relationship of the 21st century. Biden said that the decisions the two countries take today will determine the future of generations to come. The Biden couple will host a state dinner for Prime Minister Modi on Thursday on the South Lawn of the White House, which is expected to be attended by 400 guests. Prime Minister Modi will also address the joint session of the Congress on 22 June. “The visit will further strengthen the close and close partnership between the United States and India and the warm ties of family and friendship that bind Americans and Indians together,” the White House said in a statement on Wednesday. “The visit will reinforce our two countries’ shared commitment to a free, open, prosperous and secure Indo-Pacific and our shared resolve to enhance technology partnership, including in defence, clean energy and space,” the statement said. (with agency inputs)

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