PM Modi in Sydney | Sydney: People gathered to listen to PM Modi at Arena Stadium, said – kept his promise, Australian PM Anthony said – you are the ‘boss’

New Delhi. Today is the second day of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Australia tour. Please inform that the Prime Minister had reached Australia on Monday evening. Today he has addressed the Indians at the Kudos Bank Arena Stadium in Sydney. In fact, PM Modi reached Sydney on Monday on the third and last leg of his three-nation tour. Among the dignitaries Modi met here were Nobel laureate Brian Paul Schmidt, ‘toilet warrior’ Mark Balla, artist Daniel Mate, rockstar Guy Sebastian and celebrity chef and restaurateur Sarah Todd. Significantly, in his address today, PM Modi said that all of you have been present in such a huge number. My greetings to all. When I came in 2014, I promised you that you will not have to wait for 28 years for any Prime Minister of India. Here I am again in Sydney. I have not come alone, Prime Minister Albanese has also come with me. This year I had the opportunity to welcome the Prime Minister on the Indian soil in Ahmedabad. #WATCH | At the community event in Sydney, Australia, Prime Minister Narendra Modi says, “When I came here in 2014, I made a promise to you that you will not have to wait for 28 years for an Indian Prime Minister. So, here I am in Sydney once again.” — ANI (@ANI) May 23, 2023 Starting his address with ‘Namaste Australia’, Modi said there was a time when India-Australia relations were defined as ‘Triple C’ ie Commonwealth (Commonwealth), Cricket and Curry and then it was said that the relationship between the two countries is based on ‘Three D’ i.e. Democracy (democracy), Diaspora (migrants) and friendship. Modi said that some people also said that India-Australia relations are based on ‘Three E’ i.e. Energy (Energy), Economy (Economy) and Education (Shiksha). He said, “Sometimes ‘C’, sometimes ‘D’ and sometimes ‘E’. This may have been true in different periods, but the extent of historical relations between India and Australia is much bigger than this. Mutual trust and mutual respect have not grown out of India-Australia diplomatic relations alone. The real reason for this is every single Indian living in Australia… The real reason for this is the citizens of Australia.” Modi said that there is a geographical distance between the two countries, but the Indian Ocean connects them, lifestyles may be different, but now yoga also connects them. He said that both the countries have been associated with cricket since long, but now tennis and films are also connecting them. Whereas today Australian Prime Minister Albanese called PM Modi the boss. He said, “India-Australia relations are at a new height. Last time I saw Bruce Springsteen on this stage, he didn’t get the kind of reception that PM Modi got. You’re the boss.” If seen, once again Sydney is hosting PM Modi after almost 9 years. After Alphonse Arena, Olympic Park’s Kudos Bank Arena is now witnessing Modi’s grand event. There is such a craze among those who see and hear Modi here that the Arena Stadium with a capacity of about 20,000 thousand is packed here. There is no place left to even set foot here. Two days ago, PM Albanese of Australia had told that PM Modi’s event has become the biggest challenge for us.

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