PM Modi in Australia | PM Modi said in Australia – Attacks on temples are not tolerated, our relationship is based on trust, will leave for India today

New Delhi. During his stay in Australia, Prime Minister Narendra Modi today held a bilateral meeting with his Australian counterpart Anthony Albanese. In this important meeting, the issue of attacks on temples in Australia has also come up today. At the same time, after the meeting, a joint press conference was also held by PM Modi and Albanese. In which PM Modi said in a very strict tone that attacks on temples in Australia are not tolerated. #WATCH | Prime Minister Narendra Modi holds a bilateral meeting with Australian PM Anthony Albanese, in Sydney — ANI (@ANI) May 24, 2023 Describing the talks held in this very important bilateral meeting, PM Modi said today Regarding the attacks on temples in Australia and the activities of separatist elements, we have already talked about it and today also it has been talked about. In such a situation, we cannot tolerate any anti-social or unruly elements hurting the cordial relations between the two countries with their thoughts and actions. #WATCH | PM Anthony Albanese and I have in the past discussed the issue of attack on temples in Australia and activities of separatist elements. We discussed the matter today also. We will not accept any elements that harm the friendly and warm ties between the India-Australia… — ANI (@ANI) May 24, 2023 Now the relation between India and Australia has come in T-20 mode. People of the Indian community living in Australia are like an important bridge between the two countries. We discussed the strategic partnership for the next decade and also talked about taking it to new heights. #WATCH | Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese hold a candid conversation in Sydney after the two leaders issued a joint press statement. — ANI (@ANI) May 24, 2023 He said, the perspective of India Australia relations is not limited to only two countries. It is also associated with regional stability, peace and world welfare. We also discussed the Indo-Pacific with Prime Minister Anthony Albanese at the Quad Summit. India-Australia cooperation can also be beneficial in the progress of the Global South. “Australia & India are working more closely together to boost renewable energy in both our countries. Our two countries already have such a strong friendship & our Indian-Australian community has contributed so much. Together with PM Modi, we’re making the ties between India &… — ANI (@ANI) May 24, 2023 In this press conference, Australian PM Anthony Albanese said that, in both Australia and India Working together to promote renewable energy. Our two countries already have a very strong friendship and our Indian-Australian community has contributed a lot. Together with PM Modi, we are making the relationship between India and Australia even stronger.”

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