PM Mark Rutte Resigns | Dutch PM Mark Rutte resigns amid deadlock over migration policy, possibility of new elections

The Hague: The government has fallen due to mutual differences in the coalition of four parties on the issue of immigration in the Netherlands. With the resignation of the country’s longest-serving Prime Minister Mark Rutte on Friday, there will be general elections in the country this year. Ratt and the government headed by him will continue to function till a new government is formed. “The differences between the coalition partners on immigration policy are no secret,” he told reporters in The Hague. Today, unfortunately, we have come to the same conclusion that these differences are contradictory. So I immediately wrote to the Maharaja offering the resignation of the entire cabinet. Also read MPs from opposition parties demanded fresh elections without losing any time. He did not even wait for Ratt’s formal resignation. Geert Wilders, leader of the anti-immigration Party for Freedom, tweeted: “Soon elections.” Jessie Klaver, leader of the Green Left party, also called for elections, telling Dutch broadcaster NOS: “This country needs change.” Ratt held meetings late into the night on Wednesday and Thursday but failed to reach a conclusion on immigration policy. In the last round of talks on Friday evening, the parties said in one voice that they do not agree and cannot stay in the alliance.(Agency)

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