Pakistan Viral Video | Foodies in Pakistan! People looted the handcart of a child who came to sell bananas, video went viral

New Delhi: As the whole world is seeing, for the last few months the people of Pakistan have become dependent on food and drink. Where we saw in a video that the people of Pakistan are not getting even flour to make bread. In such a situation, now another video has surfaced on social media, seeing which you too will be stunned. In fact, in a video shared on Twitter, it has been claimed that this video is from Pakistan and people looted the cart of a child who came to sell bananas in a market there. Starvation in Pakistan can be seen in the video going viral that a small child first brings a lot of bananas on his handcart and seeing that the local people surround him, but people came with the intention of robbing instead of buying bananas. It can be seen in the video that people kept talking to him for some time, but after a few seconds one or two people picked up bananas from his handcart and then started running away. Read this too Loot did not stop Not only this, but seeing this, other people also started doing the same. The child kept crying and begging, but no one was ready to listen to him. However, the child ran away with the handcart to save the bananas kept on his handcart. Despite this, people kept looting his cart. So in this video we can see how Pakistan is craving for food. The video went viral on Twitter. Let us tell you that after watching this video on social media, people are feeling very sorry and saying that after all there has been so much starvation among the people in Pakistan that instead of selling, they have started looting. Please tell that this video has been shared on Twitter by a verified account named @crazyclipsonly. A Mob in Pakistan steal from a kid selling bananas on his donkey cart 😳 — Crazy Clips (@crazyclipsonly) May 7, 2023 Looted bananas from a kid selling bananas. In such a situation, now this video is becoming fiercely viral. Seeing this video, a user asked, “Didn’t anybody help him?” Know that this video is very old, but the condition of Pakistan is already worse.

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