Pakistan | TV journalist supporting former PM Imran Khan missing, family alleges kidnapping

Islamabad. A prominent Pakistani TV journalist who publicly supported former Prime Minister Imran Khan has gone missing. This information has been given by the police, the family of the journalist and his channel. Information about Sami Ebrahim’s disappearance first came to light on Wednesday night from a tweet by the police. He had gone missing a few hours earlier. His family and Karachi-based independent channel BOL Television claimed on Thursday that he had been abducted. Ebrahim has long publicly opposed the government of Shehbaz Sharif, who succeeded Imran Khan as prime minister. bol TV claimed that unknown people took Ebrahim with them on Wednesday. Ebrahim’s brother Ali Raza has lodged a complaint with the police, claiming that eight men in four vehicles stopped his brother’s car while he was returning home from work and took him away. His driver was not harmed. Read also Two weeks before Ibrahim’s disappearance, another pro-Khan TV journalist Imran Riaz went missing. The Pakistani police had denied taking him into custody.

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