Pakistan | Pakistan: 40 terrorists hiding in Imran Khan’s house, 400 policemen will raid together

Islamabad. Nothing is going well in India’s neighboring country Pakistan. Here the difficulties of former Prime Minister Imran Khan seem to be increasing. According to media reports, once again the sword of arrest has started hanging over Imran Khan. A large number of policemen have been deployed in front of Imran Khan’s house in Zaman Park, Lahore. There was a stir in the police department after the news of 40 terrorists hiding in Imran Khan’s Zaman Park house in Lahore. After which the Government of Pakistan had given 24 hours time to Imran Khan to hand over the terrorists to the police, which is over now. Also read More than 400 policemen are deployed in front of Imran’s house to arrest the terrorists. His house will be searched shortly. It is feared that he may be arrested once again during the search operation itself. According to Punjab’s Acting Information Minister Aamir Mir, the police team will search Imran’s house in the presence of cameras.

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