Pakistan Diesel-Petrol Price | Petrol 12 and diesel 30 rupees a liter cheaper in Pakistan, now know how much fuel will be available

File Pic New Delhi: Pakistan is in a bad condition. Even after the treasury is empty, the people of Pakistan have got a big relief. There has been a big relief for the people of Pakistan from inflation. It is reported that the government has made a big reduction in the prices of petrol by Rs 12 per liter (Pakistan Petrol Price). Not only this, apart from this, diesel has also become cheaper. Pakistan’s Finance Minister Ishaq Dar announced on Monday that for the next 15 days, the price of petrol is going to be cut by Rs 12 and that of diesel by Rs 30 per litre. Since then, a lot of happiness is being seen in the people of Pakistan. Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif and his government have tried to provide maximum relief to the public on the basis of prices in the international market. Dar said that after 12 o’clock tonight, the price of petrol is being reduced by Rs 12 for the next 15 days, due to which the new price of petrol will now be Rs 270 per litre. After the reduction of Rs 30, the price of diesel will now be Rs 258. Kerosene prices have also been cut by Rs 12, now the new price will be Rs 164.07. The price of light diesel oil will be reduced by Rs 12 to Rs 152.68 per litre. Also read Let us tell you that there has been a huge decline in the foreign exchange reserves of Pakistan, which is facing economic crisis. Because of this, it is not able to import all the items it needs. There is domestic discord in Pakistan. Violence is spread everywhere. The prices of flour, rice and everyday items like onions and tomatoes are skyrocketing in Pakistan. Meanwhile, the government has done the work of healing the people. At present, the price of fuels has been reduced only for a few days.

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