Pakistan Crisis | Fierce ‘ruckus’ in Pakistan after Imran’s arrest, 6 dead, Army calls ‘high level meeting’ today

Pic: Social Media New Delhi. While on the one hand, after the arrest of former Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan on Tuesday, the whole country is on fire. At the same time, demonstrations are going on from Karachi to Islamabad. In protest against this arrest, PTI supporters who came on the road have also set Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif’s house on fire. The private residence of Pakistan Prime Minister Shabaz Sharif was set on fire by supporters of Imran Khan — Spriter (@Spriter99880) May 9, 2023 Is. At present, 144 has been implemented in the whole of Pakistan. Schools and colleges have been ordered to be closed. All the exams have been cancelled. Mobile internet has also been suspended now. Many police officers are also said to be injured in the demonstration. Tear gas shells were also fired to stop the PTI supporters with sticks in hand. Till now there is news of death of 6 people. According to Pakistan Daily’s report on the matter, Imran Khan will be produced today at New Police Guest House, Police Line Headquarters instead of F8 Court Complex in Islamabad. At the same time, PTI’s lawyer has claimed that Imran Khan was assaulted. Here, after the arrest of Imran Khan, a high-level meeting of the Corps Commanders of the Army has been called this evening amid the ruckus created across the country. Some major decisions are likely to be taken in this meeting. At the same time, according to the report, Imran can remain in NAB’s custody for 4-5 days. Indian defense forces are keeping a close watch on the situation in Pakistan, in view of the developments there. Strong vigil being maintained by the forces along the Line of Control and the international border: Defense sources — ANI (@ANI) May 9, 2023 ANI quoted Indian Defense Ministry sources as saying, “Our army is closely monitoring the situation in Pakistan. Monitoring has now been increased on LOC and International Border as well. Let us inform that, on Tuesday, former PM Imran in Pakistan had reached the High Court for bail in two cases, where he was arrested by the Pakistan Rangers. He is facing serious allegations of scam and money laundering of billions of rupees.

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