Pak Banned Holi | Pak’s nefarious act! Holi celebrations are now banned in college campus, know the whole matter

Pic: Social Media New Delhi. Where on one side Pakistan itself is becoming poor and poor. But on the other hand, instead of solving the problems of his country, on the contrary, he has started getting irritated with Indian customs as well. In this sequence, the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan has now completely banned Holi celebrations in all educational institutions. In fact, the Higher Education Commission of this country believes that such activities are completely different from the socio-cultural values ​​of the country and due to this, the Islamic identity of Pakistan is reduced. At the same time, this decision of the Pakistani High Commission is being criticized a lot. This decision of banning the celebration of Holi in the college campus of Pak Higher Education Commission is being considered as a target on the minorities, while after this decision, there is a lot of criticism of the government on social media. Where did the ruckus start? In fact, on June 12, Holi festival was organized at Quaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad. The event was organized by the Mehran Student Council. It is a non-political cultural organization of the university. The whole ruckus has started since this event. Here some students are fiercely and openly opposing this order. On the other hand, some students have said that the government of the country has to understand that Holi, Diwali are an integral part of Sindhi culture. At the same time, these students also believe that the government of Pakistan neither accepts Sindhi language directly nor gives any respect to Hindu festivals.

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