Operation Kaveri | ‘Operation Kaveri’ continues, so far 561 Indians have been evacuated from Sudan, three and a half thousand people are still trapped, one Indian died due to bullet injury

New Delhi. While on one hand, due to all the efforts of America and Saudi Arabia, the fierce civil war going on in Sudan will stop for the next 72 hours. On the other hand, Operation Kaveri has started by India to evacuate 4 thousand Indians here. On the matter, the spokesperson of the Ministry of External Affairs said that, in the first batch, 278 Indians have been transported from the Navy ship INS Sumedha from Sudan Port to Jeddah in Saudi Arabia. Thereafter, two separate batches of 148 and 135 Indians were airlifted to Jeddah by Indian Air Force C-130J aircraft. Thus far 561 Indians have reached Jeddah. From there, these citizens will soon be airlifted and brought back to India. Heading Home ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ณ#OperationKaveri pic.twitter.com/xTwgsoxU0m โ€” Piyush Goyal (@PiyushGoyal) April 25, 2023 Operation Kaveri unfolds. INS Sumedha docks in Jeddah with 278 passengers. Thank HH @FaisalbinFarhan and Saudi Arabian authorities for their fullest cooperation. pic.twitter.com/4a0gqHOTNi โ€“ Dr. S. Jaishankar (@DrSJaishankar) April 25, 2023 Significantly, the bloody war between the Paramilitary Force (RSF) and the army in Sudan is going on for the last 10 days. Here both the groups want to capture the power. 416 people and soldiers have died in this fierce battle. In view of this, many countries including India are immediately evacuating their citizens from there. #WATCH | โ€œThe second batch of 121 stranded Indians leaves Port Sudan for Jeddah onboard IAF C-130J aircraft. Another sortie to follow,โ€ tweets MEA spokesperson Arindam Bagchi#OperationKaveri pic.twitter.com/tn1b7sb5cO โ€” ANI (@ANI) April 25, 2023 Trying hard. It is being told that among the foreign nationals stranded here, there are about 3,000 people from the Indian community alone. Albert Augustine (48) of Kerala has already died in the violence here. In such a situation, at present this operation has become very serious and dangerous.

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