One Day Marriage | Shocking! ‘Here’ men do ‘one’ day marriage to fulfill their wish after death, know what is the matter

File Photo New Delhi: There are many such traditions in the world, knowing about which we will be stunned. As we all know marriage is considered a sacred bond. Similarly, there are different customs of marriage in different countries. But currently a different marriage method is being discussed, knowing about which you will be stunned. Let us tell you that the marriage we are talking about is just like any normal marriage, but the surprising thing is that this marriage is only for one day. Come let’s know here what is the whole matter… One day marriage is in discussion, tell that in this the bride gets money to make her wife for one day. Men marry because they can get what they want after death, so they marry for a day. Yes, these days such marriages are being discussed in China. Here people get married for a day in the presence of some relatives and friends. What is recognition that’s why it is called one day marriage. According to a report in the South China Morning Post, such marriages are very common in Hubei province of China. Here single men are doing this after death to be buried in their family tombs. In some parts of the country, men who do not marry are believed to be guangan. They are not buried in family graves. Also, many generations of men in the family remain single. Why Kis Shaadi is believed to be because doing so allows men to be buried in family graves, cared for by the next generation of the family, and can enjoy paper currency, among other things. A woman named Wu is in the business of conducting such marriages. She says that he has many professional brides. According to reports, Wu charges Rs 41,000 from men for a one-day wedding and keeps Rs 11,000 for herself. After the wedding the man accompanies his one-day-old wife to the family grave to let their ancestors know that he is married. In this way, he is again allowed to be buried in his family grave after death as if he is married.

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