Narendra Modi | American leader praised PM Narendra Modi, said- Special guest; Told China a big enemy of India and America

Washington. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is going on a visit to America and Egypt from June 20 to 25. During the visit, PM Modi will address a joint session of the US Congress. Meanwhile, Mike Collins, representative of Georgia’s 10th Congressional District, praised PM Modi as a special guest of America. At the same time, China was described as a big enemy of India and America. Mike Collins said, “On June 22, we have a very special guest, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, coming to speak to both houses. India and the United States not only have good relations economically, but we both fight together to combat terrorism and, of course, that big enemy is China.” #WATCH | Washington DC: We have a very special guest coming in to speak to both chambers on June 22nd, Prime Minister Narendra Modi. India and the United States, not just have great relations economically, but we also both fight together on countering terrorism and of course,… — ANI (@ANI) June 18, 2023 Earlier US House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell and House Democratic Leader Hakeem Jeffries had invited PM Modi to address a joint meeting of the US Congress. Several political leaders in the US had earlier expressed enthusiasm about PM Modi’s state visit, lauding the growing bilateral ties between the two countries. Also read PM Modi to address a joint session of the US Congress during his official state visit to the US. He will share his vision of India’s future and speak on global challenges facing both countries. President Joe Biden will host PM Modi, which will also include a state dinner. This will be the second time after June 2016 that Modi will address a joint sitting of the US Congress.

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