Murder In America | 5 years of love, then marriage and divorce, man got angry after watching Tiktok video, killed his ex-wife

FILE PHOTO New Delhi: Many times such cases come to the fore that make people think. One such case has come to the fore these days which is quite heartbreaking. Yes, this is the story of Sania Khan and Rahil. Both of them were originally from Pakistan. Their friendship turned into love and they got married in June 2021 after dating each other for five years. After this, there was a storm in Sania’s life, it lifted her from this world. Come let’s know this heart-wrenching news of love, sight and divorce… Pyaar Nikah Divorce and Murder… Actually Sania was a photographer and not only that, but before that she had also worked as an airhostess. At the same time, she was also very famous on social media, but Sania left the world at the age of just 29. According to the information received, on July 18, 2022, Sania was shot dead by her ex-husband Rahil Ahmed. Then shot himself and committed suicide. Problem with wife’s work According to New York Post, after marriage both were living in love and everything was going well between them. Not only this, the families of both were also very happy with this marriage, but husband Raheel was very much against Sania going out and posting videos on social media. Not only this but he also had a problem with Sania’s photography. Actually, she often used to do photography for people on occasions like weddings and this was also her profession, but Sania’s husband was very annoyed with her work. Read this too There used to be frequent fights Tell me that after marriage Sania used to pressurize her to quit her job. In such a situation, there was often a fight between the couple on this matter. Yes, Rahil had started troubling Sania to such an extent that Sania of a cheerful nature had gone into depression in a way. Still he didn’t give up his photography nor posting videos on social media. What happened after this was quite heartbreaking. Divorce took place in May 2022 According to BBC, when the matter crossed the limits, the two got divorced in May 2022. After the divorce, Sania posted posts on social media, however, after the divorce, Sania put her problems in front of the people through Tiktok as well. According to a post by Sania Khan, their marriage lasted less than a year and her husband gave her triple talaq. Due to which she was very sad and broken. Let us tell you that Sania Khan wrote in a video posted on social media, “As a South Asian woman going through a divorce, it feels like you have failed sometimes in life. ” When ex-husband Rahil saw this post, he became enraged. Then he came to Sania’s house in Streetville (Illinois), 700 km from Georgia. Please tell that there was a brief conversation between the two. Then Rahil first fired at Sania from the pistol kept with him. Then shot himself too. Then committed suicide himself Let us tell you that after reaching the crime scene, the police saw that a woman was lying in a blood-soaked condition and was moaning in pain, where she died. And in the same house, a man i.e. Rahil was also found in a bloody condition. In such a situation, the police immediately admitted him to Northwestern Hospital, but he also died during treatment. In this way the story of a love came till the murder.

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