Mali Bomb Blast | Suicide bomb blast in African country Mali; 9 people died, more than 60 injured

Photo: @fabsenbln/ Twitter New Delhi: A suicide attack in the African country of Mali on Saturday left everyone shocked. According to media reports, 9 people died in this suicide bomb attack, while more than 60 people were injured. According to Reuters report, there is an atmosphere of panic in the area due to this bomb blast. Regarding the incident, the police said that they are investigating the matter. The dead have not been identified yet. The people injured in this attack have been sent to the hospital for treatment. #Mali🇲🇱 – Local reports out of #Bamako, that a helicopter has crashed not long ago into a house in the vicinity of #Missabougou. Due to the very limited number of civilian helicopter flights, it’s very likely a FAMa helicopter that crashed. I will continue to monitor it. Fabian (@fabsenbln) April 22, 2023 If media reports are to be believed, the death toll is expected to increase. According to the police, some people have died due to serious injuries and the condition of others is critical.

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