Kremlin Drone Attack | Russia shoots down two drones, accuses Ukraine of trying to assassinate Putin

Photo: @spectatorindex/Twitter New Delhi: Russia on Wednesday accused Ukraine of trying to kill President Vladimir Putin. Russia claimed that it shot down two drones launched by Ukraine. “The Russian side reserves the right to retaliate where and when it deems appropriate,” the issued statement said. The Kremlin said it considered the alleged attack “a well-planned terrorist act and an attempt on the life of the President of the Russian Federation”. “Two unmanned vehicles were targeted towards the Kremlin … the devices were disabled,” it said in a statement released. It added that Putin was not injured and the Kremlin building was not damaged. KREMLIN DRONE ATTACK – Russia says two Ukrainian drones attacked Kremlin overnight – Drones downed with no victims or material damage to the Kremlin – Moscow says it was a terrorist attack and attempt on Putin’s life – Russia says it reserves right to respond when and how it… — The Spectator Index (@spectatorindex) May 3, 2023 Unverified video circulating on Russian social media, including foreign media, purportedly showed light smoke rising behind the main Kremlin palace in the high-walled citadel following the incident. Giving However, as soon as the news of the drone trying to target President Putin came to the fore. The mayor of Moscow announced a ban on unauthorized drone flights over the Russian capital. In a statement issued by Moscow’s mayor, Mayor Sergei Sobyanin said drone flights would remain prohibited unless special permission was obtained from “government authorities”. He said the ban is to prevent unauthorized drone flights that “may hinder law and order”.

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