Kim Jong Un | Big blow to dictator Kim! Spy mission failed, satellite crash in air with explosion

Pic: ANI New Delhi. According to the big news received from North Korea, the nefarious plans of dictator Kim Jong Un have suffered a major setback. Actually, he was trying to launch a spy satellite, but soon after launching, this satellite was destroyed in the air with a loud explosion. While giving information later, North Korea said that its first military spy satellite crashed in the West Sea. A window plan of 12 days was made to install this satellite in the orbit, but in the first attempt today i.e. on Wednesday, the mission failed miserably. Meanwhile, in a statement released on state media on the matter, North Korea said that the speed of the rocket carrying the spy satellite weakened after the separation of the first and second stages and it fell into the sea area off the west coast of the Korean Peninsula. Scientists are ascertaining the reasons for the mission’s failure. Earlier, South Korea’s military had said that the North Korean rocket took off in an “abnormal manner” and then fell into the sea. The Joint Chiefs of Staff said in a statement that the rocket was launched from North Korea’s northwestern Tongchang-ri region at about 6:30 a.m. The country’s main space launch center is located here. However, Japan’s Coast Guard had earlier said on Monday that the launch could take place between May 31 and June 11, according to notices received from North Korean waterways authorities. Japan’s Defense Minister ordered his military to shoot down any satellite that entered Japanese territory. Japan’s Coast Guard coordinates and forwards maritime security information in East Asia, which is why North Korea sent the notice to it. North Korea’s use of long-range missile technology to launch a satellite into space is in direct violation of sanctions imposed by United Nations Security Council resolutions.

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