Kenya | Shocking incident! Pastor incites followers to fast unto death in Kenya, 47 bodies found buried in ground

Photo: Africa Facts Zone@Twitter Nairobi. Digging on land owned by a pastor in coastal Kenya has so far found 47 bodies. This includes the bodies of children as well. The said pastor has been arrested for inciting his followers to fast unto death. Malindi sub-county police chief John Kemboi said more shallow graves were yet to be dug on Pastor Paul Mackenzie’s land. Pastor Paul Mackenzie was arrested on 14 April in connection with occult activities. Police have asked the court to allow them to keep Mackenzie in custody for longer as the investigation into the death of one of his followers continues. 47 dead bodies have been discovered in shallow graves by the Police in Malindi, Kenya, after Pastor Paul Mackenzie Nthenge told his members to starve themselves to death to see Jesus.” 15 other members were rescued by Police officers in the forest last week. pic — Africa Facts Zone (@AfricaFactsZone) April 23, 2023 Detective Charles Kamau told Reuters news agency on Sunday that “in total, 47 people have died in the Shakahola forest. Excavations are ongoing.” Kenyan daily The Standard said pathologists would take DNA samples and test them to determine whether the victims died of starvation. One grave reportedly contained the bodies of five members of the same family. Three children and their parents. The deceased are believed to be followers of Pastor Paul Mackenzie, who allegedly asked his followers to go on a fast unto death to “meet Jesus”. Local media quoted police sources as saying. While in police custody, McKenzie has refused to eat or drink, Interior Minister Kithure Kindiki said the entire 800-acre forest has been cordoned off and declared a crime scene. with agency input)

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