James Crown Die | American billionaire ‘died’ during ‘racing’, attended PM Modi’s state dinner

Pic: Social Media New Delhi. According to a big news, American billionaire James Crown, who attended the state dinner at the White House in honor of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has died in a road accident. Yes, American billionaire and veteran investor James Crown was the victim of a road accident, in which he died. The sudden demise of James Crown has deeply saddened and shocked the entire Crown family. Let us tell you that Indian-origin CEOs from Mukesh Ambani to Anand Mahindra, Google’s Sundar Pichai to Microsoft’s Satya Nadella attended the state dinner at the White House under PM Modi’s hospitality. Apart from this, James Crown was also included in the American billionaires among the big nobles of America, who died in a road accident (James Crown Death). According to CNN’s report on the matter, American billionaire and legendary investor James Crown met with an accident while racing one of his cars. Meanwhile, the car of James, chairman of American businessman and investment firm Henry Crown and Company, uncontrolled collided with the barrier and he died. According to an important information, James was celebrating his 70th birthday that day. But he died tragically on the same day. Let us tell you that the Crown family from which James Crown belonged is considered one of the richest families in Chicago. James Crown held many major responsibilities including the board member of JPMorgan Chase. He also served on the board of JP Morgan since the early 1990s. While JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon said in a statement, “We express our deepest condolences to Jim’s family and loved ones during this incredibly difficult time.”

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