Indian Climber | Indian mountaineer’s breath returned after three hours of doctors’ efforts, condition still critical

File Pic Kathmandu: Indian mountaineer Anurag Maloo, who was miraculously saved after falling into a deep gorge on Nepal’s Annapurna mountain, felt a heartbeat and was breathing after three hours of struggle by doctors at a hospital here. returned, but his condition is “still critical”. Anurag’s brother gave this information. Anurag, 34, a resident of Kishangarh in Rajasthan, went missing on Monday last after falling from a height of around 6,000 meters while descending from the third camp. Annapurna Mountain is the 10th highest mountain in the world and is known for its difficult climb. Anurag’s brother Ashish Malu said on Sunday that the climber is being treated at a hospital near Kathmandu and has shown signs of improvement. Ashish, who is in Nepal, said, “When Anurag was brought to the hospital unconscious, there was no sign of his heartbeat and he could not be seen breathing.” “After three hours of efforts by the doctors, his heartbeat and breathing returned,” he said. Read also He said that the doctors did ‘cardiopulmonary resuscitation’ (CPR) for three hours to bring his heart back. Anurag is admitted in the ICU of Medicity Hospital located at Bhaisepati in Lalitpur district. Ashish said, “Doctors say that his health is slowly improving, but his condition is still critical. We must hope for his full recovery and everyone is praying for his good health.” He expressed his gratitude to all those who helped directly or indirectly in rescuing his brother, including the Sherpas, the Indian Embassy in Kathmandu, the Governments of India and Nepal, and the Nepal Army. Chipal Sherpa, a senior climber who accompanied Anurag during the mountaineering expedition, said on Sunday that the Indian climber had grabbed the wrong rope, due to which he fell into a deep gorge. “Instead of holding the climbing or descending rope, Anurag had caught hold of the luggage rope, which is very short and unjointed,” the Sherpa said at a press conference here. The Sherpa said that Anurag was the only person in the team involved in this mountaineering expedition organized by ‘Seven Summit Trek’, who could not reach the mountain peak that day. (agency)

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