India-US Relation | PM Modi’s ‘this’ US hosting is very special, know why America became a fan of India

File Photo New Delhi: The world’s most powerful country i.e. America will host India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi this month. Yes, US President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden (President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden) have sent an invitation to Prime Minister Modi (PM Modi). In such a situation, now PM Modi will be on a visit to America from 21 to 24 June. The Biden couple will host a state dinner for Prime Minister Modi on 22 June. Along with this, Prime Minister Modi will also address the joint session of Congress on 22 June. Prime Minister Modi will address the Indian-diaspora at a program organized on June 23 at the iconic ‘Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center’ in Washington. Let us know how important PM Modi’s visit this time will prove to be for America, why America is increasing its closeness with India‚Ķ India is the world’s largest arms buyer. For information, let us tell you that Russia is the world’s largest India is an arms exporter and India is its biggest buyer. If we talk about the last 10 years, India alone has bought 35 percent of the weapons exported from Russia. Now it is obvious that in the US tour of PM Modi this month, there will be talk about the defense sector between the two countries, in such a situation, it can now be said that America will try to win India’s trust as an arms exporter. Get it and prove itself as an alternative instead of Russia, so that India can buy weapons not from Russia but from America, which will benefit America. Dominance of Indians in America As we are seeing, the dominance of Indians in America is continuously increasing. The Vice President of America is Kamala Harris of Indian origin. In such a situation, now there is a lot of influence of many Indians in the Biden administration. It should be known that the Indian diaspora continues to play an important role in the Presidential elections there. For information, let us tell you that there are currently 5 Indian-origin MPs in the US Parliament. If we see from the last 7 years, the people of Indian origin have been staking claim in the Presidential elections continuously. For information, let us tell you that this time also Indian-origin Vivek Ramaswamy is included in the Republican candidates. In such a situation, the increasing closeness of America towards PM Modi is going to play an important role in this. This kind of rapprochement with India is a means of instilling trust among the Indian diaspora in the present administration. Growing trade relations with India, defeating China If any country has to achieve heights in the trade sector, it is very important to establish good relations with the countries that are excelling in that field. In such a situation, the increasing trade relations between America and India are also being considered as a reason for this, according to the data released by the Ministry of Commerce in 2022-2023, the bilateral trade between America and India has been around Rs 128.55 crore. The most important thing in this is that China is lagging behind in terms of trade relations with India. Yes, between these two countries, India and China have had a trade relationship of only $ 113.83 billion. In such a situation, America now wants to maintain this relationship, so that the enemy country can beat China in this trade sector. Now it has to be seen how effective this visit of Modi proves for the business of America. America influenced by India’s independent foreign policy If you look at the role of India at the global level, then you will come to know that India has been continuously proving itself strong in global forums with its independent foreign policy, it should be noted that in the past, Uzbekistan’s summit In PM Modi had told Putin in a standing speech that “this is not an era of war.” Not only this, but after this, when western countries imposed sanctions on Russia, pressure was also made on India not to buy oil from Russia, but India did not come under the pressure of western countries and introduced its independent foreign policy to the world. Yes, replying to this pressure, it was argued on behalf of India that we will do whatever is right for our citizens. It may be noted that earlier during the resolution against Russia in the UN too, India remained neutral and gave an introduction that it is not going to come under any pressure. Even during the return of Taliban to power in Afghanistan, India had told the United Nations very badly. In such a situation, America is being influenced by India’s independent foreign policy. India’s support to defeat China At the global level, we are seeing how America has a relationship with China, in such a situation, America now needs India’s support to deal with China. Let us tell you that keeping this in mind, there is a need to increase India’s strength for this, the technology transfer of fighter jet’s hot engine is being considered as part of its strategy. In such a situation, India now becomes an important link between China’s increasing interference in the South China Sea and the ongoing tension between the two countries regarding Taiwan. Yes, at present America knows that here only India has the power to stand in front of China and tell it bluntly. America knows that the relationship between China and India is not good, in such a situation, by increasing friendship with India, it wants to indirectly give a message to China that its closeness with India is not just business but strategic. In such a situation, America can be of great help to India to face China. It is to be known that there are many big challenges in front of America from Putin to Trump and from Xi Jinping to Kim Jong-un, but in America, which is called the most powerful country in the world, the Indian Prime Minister’s charisma is overshadowed. In such a situation, America is not only strengthening its relations with India but also taking India’s help to maintain its place in the world keeping in view many aspects. Yes, America is now looking at India as a political ally, which is a protective shield for India and America to defeat the enemy country China. It is to be known that PM Modi will become the third leader of the world, who was given this honor by the current US President Joe Biden. For information, let us tell you that Joe Biden has earlier invited Emmanuel Macron of France and Yoon Suk Yeol of South Korea for a state visit and banquet. Now it has to be seen that what is the effect of this increasing proximity of America-India on both these countries and the rest of the world.

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