India-Nepal Politics | Map of ‘Greater Nepal’ shown in protest against ‘Akhand Bharat’, parts of Himachal-Bengal told as Nepal

New Delhi. Where on one side the Prime Minister of Nepal, Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda supported India on the map of Akhand Bharat. At the same time, Balendra Shah, the mayor of Nepal’s capital Kathmandu, has released a map of Greater Nepal. In this map, the area from western Kangra in Himachal to eastern Teesta in West Bengal has also been described as part of Greater Nepal. In fact, Mayor Shah has done such a thing in protest against the map of united India in the new Parliament of India. However, the Government of Nepal has not yet given any statement on the matter. On the other hand, Gagan Thapa, General Secretary of the Nepali Congress, the largest party in the Parliament of Nepal, said on Thursday – The map of ‘Greater Nepal’ should be officially published. If India has published the cultural map, then we also have the right to publish the cultural map of Greater Nepal. India should not have any objection on this. However, Nepal’s Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda supported India on the map of unbroken India. On the other hand, on Thapa’s statement, he had said in Parliament, “I had raised the issue of the map of united India during my visit to India. Then India told me that this is just a cultural map, which is showing history. It should not be seen politically. Please inform that even today many people keep demanding to take back the parts of Greater Nepal. At the same time, the nationalist activist Phanindra Nepal has been campaigning for a united Nepal for a long time. On the other hand, the leaders of some parties of Nepal say that the part of Nepal which was merged with India years ago, should now be returned by India with respect.

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