Imran Khan Claims | Pakistan: Former PM Imran Khan claims, ‘Military establishment conspiring to keep me in jail for 10 years on charges of treason’

File Photo LAHORE: Pakistan’s former prime minister Imran Khan on Monday claimed that the country’s powerful military establishment plans to keep him in jail for the next 10 years on charges of treason. In a series of tweets in the early hours of Monday, the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chief said, “So now London’s whole plan is out.” When I was in jail, they assumed the roles of judge, jury and executioner under the guise of violence. Now there is a plan to humiliate me by putting Bushra Begum (Khan’s wife) in jail and keeping her in jail for the next 10 years using sedition law.” Also read This tweet came after a meeting of PTI leaders at Khan’s Lahore residence. The 70-year-old leader is out on bail in over 100 cases. He said, “To ensure that people do not react, they have done two things – first deliberately terrorizing not only PTI workers but also ordinary citizens. Second, the media is completely controlled and suppressed.” He said that the way these “criminals” are violating the sanctity of the ‘chadar aur char divari’ has never been done. Giving his message to the people of Pakistan, Khan said, “My message to the people of Pakistan is that I will fight for real freedom till the last drop of my blood because for me death is better than being enslaved by these criminals.” Despite being granted bail on Friday, Khan had locked himself inside the Islamabad High Court (IHC) premises for hours fearing re-arrest, though he returned to his home in Lahore on Saturday. (agency)

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