France Riots | France: European doctor’s unique demand to save the country from the fire of riots, CM Yogi should be sent to France in 24 hours

New Delhi/Paris. While on the one hand, after the death of a 17-year-old boy in police firing in France, violence continues for the fourth consecutive day today. So far, more than two thousand vehicles have been burnt in the incidents of violence and arson. And around 500 houses have been damaged. riots have begun to spread across france — non aesthetic things (@PicturesFoIder) June 30, 2023 Was killed, against which riots have spread across the country. So far 875 people have been arrested in the riots. But in the meantime, Europe’s renowned doctor and professor N. John Cam has suddenly remembered Uttar Pradesh’s CM Yogi and has made a tweet demanding India. He said that India should send Chief Minister Yogi to deal with the situation of riots in France. India must send @myogiadityanath to France to control riot situation there and My God, he will do it within 24 hours. — Prof.N John Camm (@njohncamm) June 30, 2023 European doctors remember CM Yogi and tweet, ‘India should send CM Yogi within 24 hours.’ Apart from this, Prof. N John Cam posted a cartoon photo of CM Yogi with a bulldozer, writing, ‘This is the only way to govern India and maintain law/order. Everything else is utter nonsense.” Significantly, France has been facing tremendous riots for the last 4 days. For this, a large number of police officers have been deployed on the streets to deal with the riots in France. At the same time, French President Emmanuel Macron said that social media is promoting violence here. Along with this, he told the agencies that soon sensitive things should be removed from platforms like Snapchat and Tiktok. Wherein according to him, if needed to stop these riots, additional security forces will be deployed.

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