Earthquake In New Zealand | Earthquake tremors with a magnitude of 7.3 in New Zealand, tsunami alert issued

Representative Photo New Delhi: The series of earthquakes in New Zealand is continuously increasing. Strong earthquake tremors are being seen here every day. According to India time, earthquake tremors have been felt once again at 6.11 am this morning. Yes, whose intensity was 7.3. Tsunami warning has been issued in view of the tremors of the strong earthquake. In fact, this earthquake occurred at a depth of 49 km near Kermadec Island, about 900 km north-east of New Zealand’s North Island. As of now, no information has been received about the damage caused by the earthquake there. But a great apprehension has been expressed regarding Tsunami Threat and an alert has also been issued for this. Also read According to the information, a short time after the earthquake, another earthquake was felt again. So there people have been advised to stay away from the coastal areas. Not only this, New Zealand’s National Emergency Management Agency said in a statement that it is trying to find out whether the earthquake can affect New Zealand again. There is no tsunami threat to New Zealand following the M7.1 Kermadec Islands earthquake. Based on current information, the initial assessment is that the earthquake is unlikely to have caused a tsunami that would pose a threat to New Zealand. — National Emergency Management Agency (@NZcivildefence) April 24, 2023 Significantly, the earthquake that was felt again in New Zealand came about half an hour after the initial tremor. During this, its intensity was recorded at 5.4. Prior to this, earthquake tremors were felt on March 16 with a magnitude of 7.0.

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