Earthquake | 5.4 magnitude earthquake hits Japan, many people injured

File Pic Tokyo: Earthquake tremors were felt in Japan’s capital Tokyo and surrounding areas on Thursday, in which many people were injured. Officials and the media gave this information. The Japan Meteorological Agency reported that the magnitude of the earthquake was measured at 5.4 and its epicenter was in Chiba Prefecture. No tsunami warning has been issued after the earthquake. According to Japan’s Kyodo news agency, four people were injured due to the earthquake. One of them was injured when a ceiling light fell on him. Some train services were also canceled or running late. Let us tell you that earthquakes keep coming in Japan very often. Japan is a country where earthquakes cause heavy destruction. Here the entire city gets destroyed in the grip of an earthquake. Currently, the Japanese government knows a way to deal with it. Also read Japan is one of the most earthquake-prone countries in the world, and thousands of people died in the 2011 earthquake and subsequent tsunami in the country. Because of this, the Fukushima nuclear plant was also damaged. Please tell that this year there was a severe earthquake in Türkiye. In which thousands of people were killed. Lakhs of people were injured. Thousands of buildings were reduced to rubble in no time. Many countries including India came forward to help. Türkiye has not yet recovered from this disaster.

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