Donald Trump | America: Donald Trump’s problems increased, another woman accused of sexual harassment

FILE- PHOTO New York: Former US President Donald Trump has been accused of sexual harassment by another woman. Jessica Leeds, 81, testified before a jury in New York that Trump sexually assaulted her on a plane in the late 1970s. Leeds testified during a hearing of a sexual assault lawsuit filed against Trump by a woman named E. Jean Carles. Carles claimed the former president sexually assaulted her at a Manhattan department store. Meanwhile, Trump’s attorney told the jury that the former president has decided to answer some major questions about the case. He has given his stand through an affidavit, portions of which can be heard before the jury. The North Carolina resident testified to a jury that she and Trump were sitting side-by-side on a plane bound for New York City when Trump grabbed her breast and began to reach up her skirt. According to Leeds, seconds later she freed herself from Trump’s clutches, saying “he didn’t need it” and then went to the back seat. He said, “There was no conversation. It was absolutely amazing.” He alleged, “Trump was trying to kiss me, pull me towards him. He was doing even more obscene acts. It seemed as if he had the strength of innumerable hands. It seemed as if there was a struggle between the two of us. Another woman is also expected to testify against Trump in the case. However, Trump has consistently denied allegations of sexual assault and sexual misconduct made against him by individual women. He claims that these allegations are politically motivated and a conspiracy to tarnish his image so that he could not join the race for the White House.

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