Diwali In NewYork | America: Like India, New York will now have a holiday in schools on Diwali

Pic: Social Media New York (USA), New York City will have a holiday for schools on Diwali, the festival of lights. Officials made the announcement, calling it a “victory” for the city’s residents, including the Indian community. New York City Mayor Eric Adams said he is proud that the state house and state senate have passed a bill allowing New York City public schools to be closed on Diwali. #WATCH | Diwali to become school holiday in New York City, US “I’m so proud to have stood with Assemblymember Jenifer Rajkumar and community leaders in the fight to make Diwali a school holiday. I know it’s a little early in the year, but: Shubh Diwali,” tweets Mayor Eric Adams… pic.twitter.com/TfrlU7KWwm — ANI (@ANI) June 27, 2023 In a special announcement he made from City Hall on Monday Said, “We are confident that the governor will sign this bill and make it a law.” “It’s a victory … not just for the women and men of the Indian community and all communities that celebrate Diwali, but it’s a victory for New York,” Adams said. Starting this year, New York City public schools will have a Diwali holiday. Jennifer Rajkumar, a member of the New York House of Representatives, said that for more than two decades, the South Asian and Indo-Caribbean community has fought for this moment. Jennifer is the first Indian-American woman elected to the New York State House of Representatives. “Today, the mayor and I are proud to stand in front of the world and say that from now on Diwali will always be a holiday in New York City schools,” he said. Jennifer said that the Diwali holiday should be included in the law. Among community and migrant leaders, as well as city officials and lawmakers, Adams said New York City is constantly changing and welcoming communities from around the world. New York City Schools Chancellor David Banks said that declaring a Diwali holiday for school children in the city, “more than keeping schools closed on Diwali, emphasizes that we are broadening our horizons, because we Going to tell them about Diwali and its history. “I’m excited for all the children, families and communities around New York City who will be able to learn more about the legacy and history of this festival,” said Banks.

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