Conversion | 50 Hindus accepted Islam in Pakistan’s Sindh province

File Photo Islamabad. At least 50 members of ten families have converted to Islam in Pakistan’s southern province of Sindh, alarming Hindu activists who have accused the government of engaging in mass conversions. A report in ‘The Express Tribune’ newspaper on Thursday said that these people are from different areas of Mirpurkhas region of the province and they converted in a ceremony held at Bait-ul Iman New Muslim Colony Madrasa in the city. Qari Taimur Rajput, one of the caretakers of the madrasa, confirmed that at least 50 members of 10 families have converted to Islam, including 23 women and a one-year-old girl. According to reports, Mohammad Shamroz Khan, son of Religious Affairs Minister Mohammad Talha Mehmood, attended the conversion ceremony. Rajput quoted Khan as saying, “All of them have accepted Islam of their own free will. Nobody forced them.” Also read Hindu activists, on the other hand, are troubled by the mass conversions and expressed their anger and disappointment. Fakir Shiv Kuchchi, a Hindu activist who has often raised his voice against conversions, said, “It seems that the government itself is involved in this conversion.” He said that for many years the community members have been demanding the government to enact a law against religious conversions. “Conversion is a serious issue in Sindh, and instead of taking measures to stop it, the son of a federal minister attends conversion events,” he said. (agency)

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