Climber Missing | Indian-origin Singaporean climber goes missing after summiting Mount Everest

Representative Image Singapore: A Singaporean mountaineer of Indian origin has gone missing after reaching the summit of Mount Everest. His family has demanded immediate ascertainment of his condition. According to a petition filed on the website of ‘Change Organisation’, Srinivas Saini Dattatreya arrived in Nepal from Singapore last month to conquer the frostbitten Mount Everest. Divya Bharat, a cousin of Srinivas, wrote that he appeared to have suffered frostbite and fell ill due to the high altitude. This is probably why he got separated from the rest of his group and “fell at a depth of about 8,000 meters on the Tibetan side of the mountain”. A Singapore news channel quoted Bharat as saying on Saturday that a team of Sherpas started a search operation to find Srinivas on Saturday morning. The team is reportedly in touch with the base camp officials at a distance of around 8,500 metres. Divya Bharat wrote in the petition that her family has approached the concerned government. “The matter needs immediate attention,” Channel News Asia quoted Bharat as saying. We need a specialized rescue team that is trained to work in such high-risk areas and at the same time ensure that the entire rescue operation is not hampered by paperwork and diplomatic action.” In the petition, Divya Bharat said that the family is desperate, but has not lost hope. Srinivas (39) is the executive director of real estate company ‘Jones Lang LaSalle’. He had left for Nepal on April 1 to climb Mount Everest and was to return home on June 4. Srinivas last sent a message to his wife on Friday, informing her that he had reached the summit of Everest but was unlikely to come back down, The Straits Times reported. Also read Srinivas’s wife Sushma Soma told that she last spoke to her husband at 3.30 pm on Friday. The Singapore High Commission in New Delhi has been in contact with Srinivas’ family, local authorities in Nepal and emergency medical services since Friday evening, according to Channel News Asia. The channel quoted the ministry as saying that Singapore’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs is monitoring developments and will continue to provide the family with the necessary help and support during this difficult time. (agency)

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